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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Asia deserts wallpapers

            This list of Asian deserts identifies areas of the continent which receive less than 10 in (250 mm) annual precipitation. These areas are in Arabian Peninsula, Middle East, Iran, western India, Central Asia, western and northern China. 
            Arabian desert 2,330,000 km2 (900,000 sq mi) is the largest desert in Asia, the second one beeing Gobi Desert 1,300,000 km2 ( 500,000 sq mi) . Together these  two amazingly vast and diverse land masses cover a large portion of Asia.

                   Nefud wallpapers                                  Dasht-e Kavir wallpapers
nefud desert Dasht-e Kavir desert
             Syrian desert wallpapers                             Karakum wallpapers         
syrian desert karakum desert
            Taklamakan wallpapers                              Rub al-Khali wallpapers
taklamakan desert  Rub al-Khali wallpapers
                          Negev wallpapers                                                            Thar wallpapers
Negev wallpapers Thar desert wallpapers
                Arabian desert wallpapers                                                   Gobi wallpapers
Arabian desert wallpapers Gobi desert wallpapers

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