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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mammals wallpapers

                Mammals are members of class Mammalia, air-breathing vertebrate animals characterized by the possession of endothermy, hair, three middle ear bones, and mammary glands functional in mothers with young. Most mammals also possess sweat glands and specialized teeth. 
                 Mammals are classified in Monotremes (Ornithorhychus (Platypus), Tachyglossidae (Echidna)) and Theriiformes (Triconodonts, Multituberculates, Marsupials, and Placentals. According to Mammal Species of the World, 5,702 species were known in 2005. These were grouped in 1,229 genera, 153 families and 29 orders. 
                 The word "mammal" is modern, from the scientific name Mammalia coined by Carl Linnaeus in 1758, derived from the Latin mamma ("teat, pap"). All female mammals nurse their young with milk, which is secreted from special glands, the mammary glands. 

                  Wild mammals wallpapers                           Domesticated mammals wallpapers
Wild mammals wallpapers Domesticated mammals wallpapers

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