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Monday, September 10, 2012

Other plants wallpapers

            Here are wallpapers with other plants, except flowers, trees and culinary vegetables. Plants, also called green plants (Viridiplantae in Latin), are living organisms of the kingdom Plantae including such multicellular groups as flowering plants, conifers, ferns and mosses, as well as, depending on definition, the green algae, but not red or brown seaweeds like kelp, nor fungi or bacteria. Precise numbers are difficult to determine, but as of 2010, there are thought to be 300–315 thousand species of plants, of which the great majority, some 260–290 thousand.

                Ferns wallpapers                             Cantharellus mushrooms wallpapers
fern wallpapers cantharellus mushrooms
              Fly agaric wallpapers                         Golden Barrel Cactus wallpapers
fly agaric wallpapers golden barrel wallpapers
          Saguaro cactus wallpapers                                               Wheat wallpapers
Saguaro cactus wallpapers  Wheat wallpapers
                          Maize wallpapers                                                Fishhook Cactus wallpapers
  Maize wallpapers Fishhook Cactus wallpapers
                     Blue milk mushroom                                           Russula emetica wallpapers
Blue milk mushroom Russula emetica wallpapers
                           Moss wallpapers                                                    Opuntia Cactus wallpapers
Moss wallpapers Opuntia Cactus wallpapers


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