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Friday, January 4, 2013

African mountains wallpapers

               Here is a list of mountains wallpapers from Africa. The highest mountain in Africa is Kilimanjaro (5,895 metres). Mountains cover 3% of Africa. 
               The most important mountain ranges in Africa are: Ahaggar Mountains, Ahmar Mountains, Atlantika Mountains, Atlas Mountains, Bale Mountains, Bakossi Mountains, Bvumba Mountains, Cederberg, Drakensberg, Eastern Arc Mountains, Eastern Highlands, Kilimanjaro, Kipengere Range, Lebombo Mountains, Mahale Mountains, Mandara Mountains, Pare Mountains, Swartberg, Tibesti Mountains, Uluguru Mountains.

                      Sinai wallpapers                                   Chappal Waddi wallpapers 
Sinai mountain Chappal waddi
            Kilimanjaro wallpapers                                     Tahat wallpapers
Kilimanjaro wallpapers Mount Tahat
          Thabana Ntlenyana wallpapers                                            Meru wallpapers
Thabana Ntlenyana wallpapers Meru wallpapers
                     Toubkal wallpapers                                                     Emi Koussi wallpapers
Toubkal wallpapers Emi Koussi wallpapers

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