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Thursday, January 3, 2013

South America lakes wallpapers

                Here is a list of wallpapers with lakes from South America. Most of South America’s important lakes are confined to the Andes or their foothills. Because of the chain’s complex topography, water has accumulated in closed basins to form natural reservoirs. Among permanent Andean lakes, the largest is Lake Titicaca, which lies at an elevation of 12,500 feet between Peru and Bolivia. Piedmont lakes are found in Patagonia where, in the wake of melting glaciers, lakes formed downslope in natural basins. 
                Some lakes are artificial and are constructed for industrial or agricultural use, for hydro-electric power generation or domestic water supply, or for aesthetic or recreational purposes.  

                   Titicaca wallpapers                                                        Argentino wallpapers 
titicaca lake wallpapers argentino lake
             Maracaibo wallpapers                                General Carrera wallpapers
maracaibo wallpapers  General Carrera wallpapers
                                     Ypacaraí wallpapers                                            Lagoa dos Patos wallpapers
Ypacaraí lake wallpapers Lagoa dos Patos wallpapers
                          Junin wallpapers                                                               Tota wallpapers
Junin wallpapers  Tota lake wallpapers

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